SwitchThat One brings support for controlling the follow device types:

  • Philips Hue Lights
  • Belkin WeMo Lights
  • Belkin WeMo Sockets
  • Belkin WeMo Motion Sensor
  • Sonos Players
  • GlobalCache IR controllers
  • Tado Heating
  • LiFx Lights
  • Nest preview

 Some of its features are:

  • Autodiscovery
  • Synchronised view across all devices
  • Device Groupings using Shortcuts
  • Organise Devices into Rooms
  • Controllable by external scripts

Automatic actions can be set up, using either the Interaction Builder or Advanced Interactions:

  • Control devices at times of day
  • Simulate Occupancy
  • Trigger events if there is an intruder
  • Turn lights on automatically in the evening
  • (Shortly) send notifications using SMS or Email
  • Use Location (currently only in Android Mobile App) to control events e.g. heating comes on as you are arriving home
  • Allows a (Google) Calendar to schedule events

Mobile apps are available on their respective App Stores, which also provide Remote Access:

  • Android Mobile App
  • Apple iPhone/iPad App

More information can be found in the online documentation.